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Oppo Launched His First Flagship Smartphone Namely “Find X”



Love ’em or hate ’em, notches spread like an infection from one phone to another. Now there’s a cure – pop-up cameras. The Oppo Find X is the second phone in as many weeks to feature one and it’s even more elaborate than what we saw on the Vivo NEX S.

Instead of a small slide out, the whole top side of the phone moves up to reveal the dual camera on the rear and the selfie camera on the front along with other elements. And it needs just half a second to do so. When the slider is retracted, the bezels are quite thin, even the bottom one (Oppo boasts 92.25% screen to body ratio).

The 6.4″ AMOLED screen is left with a regular outline – the familiar rounded rectangle. Taking a cue from the Galaxy flagships, the left and right side of the screen are curved, which helps keep the phone narrow enough to handle comfortably despite its screen size.

Perhaps Oppo over-complicated things. Did it really need to hide away the rear camera? And did we mention that there’s no fingerprint reader? Instead you have to rely on the 3D facial scanning tech that is also mounted on the slider (which adds 0.5s latency to unlocking the phone as the pop-up mechanism does its job).

But we have to admit that it’s a unique solution, even when you look at the NEX S from sister company vivo. This mechanism provides extra security for the camera – it keeps it from being scratched and if it senses that you dropped the phone, it will automatically retract to prevent damaging it.


Written by:-Danyal Faiz


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